Strategy Summa Group

Summa Group is a strategic investor that plays an active role in the operational management of its companies. We focus on long-term operational improvements through a wide variety of initiatives including enhancement of corporate governance and management practices, talent management, financial discipline, and proactive, socially responsible behaviour in the regions where our companies operate.

Our goal is to continue to be the leaders of innovation, to create proper environment for developing and spreading innovative technology, as well as to encourage international exchange of best practices.

We are constantly expanding our presence in the area of logistics and aim to become a global leader in the multimodal transshipment of various types of cargo.

We are typically engaged in the most technologically advanced projects aiming at being leaders in implementing innovative technology.

We have a variety of plans allowing us to continue expanding our asset base in the oil and gas sector as we participate in promoting the export potential of Russia’s Far East and Far North.

The company is actively involved in growing  domestic agriculture by improving the infrastructure of grain elevators and grain storage facilities

We are actively developing our telecommunications business, focusing on expanding the latest communications and broadband networks across Russia.