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Summa Group is a diversified private holding with significant investments in port logistics, engineering, construction, telecommunications and the oil and gas sectors.

Our companies employ more than 10,000 people in almost 40 regions of Russia and abroad. Mr. Ziyavudin Magomedov is the founder and shareholder of the Group.
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11 july 2014

Summa Group and PERI Foundation Will Create Peter the Great Museum in Derbent

Summa Group and PERI Charitable Foundation of Ziyavudin Magomedov have begun works on creating Peter the Great Museum in Derbent as part of the preparations for the city's 2000 year anniversary. The investment amount, according to preliminary calculations, will total about RUB 100 million. The area that will house the exhibits is more than 1,500 square meters....  
9 july 2014

FESCO Group has set to the construction of transportation-logistics center Usady

FESCO Transportation Group has tackled the construction of the approximately 300,000-TEU capacity transportation-logistics center Usady in the Moscow Region. Total project cost is estimated at 6.8bn rubles....  
6 june 2014

Summa Group consolidates engineering assets

Summa Group has created a management company in order to consolidate its engineering assets. The association will include Stroynovatsiya OJSC, Intex OJSC, GlobalElectroService JSC, design centers (including Neftproekt Design Institute) and a number of other legal entities. The management company was named Transengineering. The company is headed by Eldar Nagaplov, the General Director of GlobalElectroService JSC and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Stroynovatsiya and Intex....  
2 june 2014

Stroynovatsiya wins tender for the redevelopment of the Vladikavkaz airport valued at 1.7 billion RUB.

The company Stroynovatsiya won the competitive tender and signed a contract for the redevelopment of the Vladikavkaz airport valued at 1.7 billion RUB. The customer is FSUE Administration of the Civil Airports....  
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30 june 2014

Big Port Zarubino to start operations in 2018

Work on Big Port Zarubino, a construction project in the Primorsky Krai that will be managed by FESCO group, will begin in 2018. As reported during the project's presentation during the first Russian-Chinese EXPO on Monday in Harbin, “In 2018, 80 km from Vladivostok, in a naturally sheltered deep-water bay, work will begin on one of the largest trans-shipping complexes – Big Port Zarubino.”...  
20 may 2014

Primorye to Process Chinese Transport

Summa Group, under Ziyavudin Magomedov, is negotiating an agreement with China on the prospective project Big Port Zarubino in the Primorye region, a project that could reach 40 billion rubles in investments. As reported to Kommersant, Summa Group should be signing an agreement today with the Jilin Province on the turnover of goods through Zarubino from the north to the south of China. Kommersant’s source confirms that the provincial authorities also want to create their own dry port to store goods for Zarubino....  
4 april 2014

A Summa subsidiary is renovating the Vladikavkaz airport for 1.7 billion rubles

Stroynovatsiya, LLC, a subsidiary of Summa Group, is the only party eligible for the tender being held by the Administration of Civilian Airports (Airfields), FSUE (Federal State Unitary Enterprise), for the right to renovate the Vladikavkaz airport (North Ossetia)....  
12 february 2014

Rosneft berths in Rotterdam

Summa Group has consolidated 100% of Shtandart ТТ BV, the company building the terminal at the port of Rotterdam; Rosneft might become a new partner....  
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